Removing Halloween Makeup with Dermalogica Double Cleanse

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year because it is an excuse to create makeup looks that are a little bit more creative and fun. The only problem with these looks is that trying to take all of the makeup off usually results in a mountain of makeup wipes overflowing from your garbage can and really irritated skin.

I was sent two skin care products by Dermalogica and was challenged to double-cleanse my skin to remove a full face of Halloween makeup using the products.

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On Halloween I wore a Roy Lichtenstein inspired pop art look. To really put the Dermalogica products to the test, I used the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($29) to do my winged liner, fill in my brows and draw the black lines on my face. If you have ever used this product, you know that it normally takes some aggressive cleansing to get it completely off of your face. I also used the Stila Stay-All-Day Liquid Lipstick in Amalfi ($22)  which is pretty much budge-proof.

What is Double Cleansing?

Double cleansing is the practice of using an oil, balm or micellar water prior to washing your face. It is usually something that you would do as a part of your night routine because it helps to break down bacteria, makeup, and pollution that collected on your skin during the day. It is a very common practice in Korean skincare and is done so that build-up on the skin won’t clog your pores.

About the Products

The first step is to use the Dermilogica Precleanse Balm ($62) to remove the makeup on my skin. You squeeze the thick product onto your hand and directly massage it onto dry skin. I really love the consistency of this product because it doesn’t feel heavy or too oily. As I massaged this into my skin my makeup started to melt and smear into a colourful mess all over my face. My lipstick was on my forehead and my mascara with on my chin. You then add water to emulsify the product and follow up with cleanser.

The Dermilogica Essential Cleansing Solution ($52) is a non-foaming cleanser that felt nice on the skin. It removed all of the pre-cleanse really easily and left my skin feeling nice. It wasn’t a life-changing face wash, but I was glad that it managed to get all of the oil off my skin without leaving behind any residue.

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Final Thoughts

I think that the star of the show really is the Precleanse Balm. I was so amazed at the way that it gently removed all of the waterproof eyeliner from my skin. Normally, I have to scrub my with a cotton pad and micellar water to even remove some of the eyeliner. I was impressed with that and my skin felt really fresh when I was done. The cleanser was also good, but as I said, I don’t know that it is as incredible as the balm.



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