Glossy Lips Are Back, and Better Than Ever

Glossy lips are back, and they have ditched the stick.

The last time I was this obsessed with lip gloss, I was in the 7th grade. I stored my makeup in my pencil case at school. Although, the lip gloss I wore had maximum sparkle and shine, it was so thick and goopy. Every time I talked, a string of the gloss would connect my top and bottom lips.

Glossy lips have been all over Instagram this summer, replacing matte nudes as a *cough* baddie essential.

 I’m kind of late to the glossy trend simply because of my hatred for the sticky feeling of lip gloss. Finally, I have found the perfect product.

The Perfect Gloss

The Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss ($40) in Excitation is a clear gloss that looks like glass on your lips. When it catches the light, you can see golden sparkles in it, and it looks stunning. The shade is universally flattering, and because it is a topper, you can pair it with all of your favourite lip products.

Earlier this year, Chanel revamped the formula – promising more shine, more hydration and more plump. Sadly, I cannot attest to these changes because I had a serious hatred of lip gloss for many years. I can however, confirm that I am obsessed.


When you apply the product, you can still feel it on your lips. It is by no means weightless, because that just isn’t how glosses work. It is however comfortable to wear and feels smooth.


The applicator is a plump cushion that grabs enough product that you only have to dunk into the tube a couple of times to entirely cover your lips. It is very soft and helps the gloss to spread evenly.

As this is technically a topper, I have tried it over some of my favourite matte lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and lip stains. I have to say, that I certainly prefer it over lip stains because I think that it creates the most comfortable finish on the lips, while still providing a colourful base.


In terms of wear time, if you are drinking or eating it will inevitably come off throughout the meal. If you are just sitting at your desk or out and about, you can get a good three hours of wear before the shine will start to fade. For a gloss, I think that is really good.

Overall, I think lip gloss is a game changer. It looks stunning, the packaging is luxurious, and most importantly – it isn’t sticky.

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