Milk Makeup Just Dropped Your New Favourite Foundation

Milk Makeup recently launched the new Blur Liquid Matte Foundation ($48) which is said to be a full coverage, light-as-air product. In the past, the brand has been known for on-the-go packaging and embracing natural imperfections. The words “full coverage” have never really been used to describe their products before.

About the Product

The foundation is packaged in a squeeze tube that is on-brand with Milk’s minimalist designs. Milk Makeup is known for their Blurring Stick ($43), which is a primer that minimizes the appearance of pores. According to the brand, both of these products use small powder-filled spheres, called microspheres, that give your skin a soft focus effect. The Blur Liquid is supposed to be a matte foundation, with high pigmentation. The foundation retails for $48 in Canada and comes in 16 shades.


The consistency of this product is very thin and lightweight. I used a beauty sponge to blend it out after dotting it on my skin. In total it required only a dime sized amount to cover my entire face. From this amount, I got a medium coverage finish. With a little bit more product, I was able to build up the foundation in areas where I require more coverage.

Considering Milk’s other products are traditionally just applied with your fingers, I decided to try this technique out as well. Overall, I got better coverage with my fingers because the sponge absorbs a little bit of product as you apply it. That being say, the sponge made it look more even.

This foundation also smells really good, but I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly it smells like. It doesn’t have an artificial, perfume-like scent though, which I think is nice.

Satin Finish 

The finish of this foundation is absolutely beautiful. It is so thin and melts into the skin as you apply it. It is like a pore-filling primer is built into the foundation. It actually smooths over the appearance of pores, while providing a nice coverage. It doesn’t look (or feel) like there is any makeup on your skin.

This is certainly not a full-coverage foundation, but compared to regular Milk products, it is much more pigmented. I would say it is medium coverage, because as you can see in the photo below, you can still see my freckles peeking through a little bit. It did however cover all of my acne scarring. My active breakouts just needed a little bit of concealer on top, which is normal for me.

The only thing that could potentially be an issue for some people is that this foundation is not at all matte, even though it is called the Blur Liquid Matte Foundation. It is quite satin actually, but I really like the dewy finish anyway. Thankfully, when you apply powder, it does set matte. I have been using the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder ($12) to set my t-zone and the products work very well together.


The other day, I wore this foundation for over 12 hours – which was horrible – but, the silver lining was that my face still looked flawless at the end of the day. I looked a tad bit oily, but it survived in 30 degree weather without separating on my skin.

I have combination skin, but I think that no matter what, you should use a primer that you know helps to combat your skin concerns in order to see the best performance out of any foundation. The Blur Liquid works really well with my go-to primer, the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer ($38). It fills in my pores even more, and helps prevent my skin from getting too oily throughout the day. Together, they work like a dream.

Final Thoughts

This summer, I have been avoiding wearing foundation every day to let my skin breathe a little bit more. It has been hard because I love the way this makes my skin look, so I have been reaching for it every day since I bought it.

Although this may not be a matte foundation, it truly does blur your skin and give it a gorgeous finish. I am absolutely in love with this foundation. I think that given how lightweight it feels, the coverage you can get out of it is amazing. It is a very unique foundation and has quickly become my new favourite.

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