Is Joe Fresh Finally Making Good Beauty Products?

No shade intended to Joe Fresh, but in the past, their beauty products have often fell short. The only beauty product I have ever liked by them is their cotton pads.

Recently, I have heard that the new Spring 2017 launches worked out really well for a lot of people. The colour story of the line is really quite beautiful, so I finally decided to put some products to the test.

If you don’t know what Joe Fresh is, you probably don’t live in Canada.

Tinted Lip Balm ($10)
Shade: Spice

The packaging of this product is by far the nicest out of any other Joe Fresh product. The metallic details give the tube some weight and make it appear nicer than your average drugstore lipstick. I also love the fact that the tube twists open because my lipsticks somehow always open up inside of my purse and make a mess. The formula feels just like a hydrating balm on your lips. There is no stickiness, which I have noticed can sometimes be the case when the tint is added to a lip balm. Rather than swiping this all over the lips, it works best if you dab it all over and then rub your lips together. I am so in love with this colour. I am typically a mauve-lip type of girl and never stray away from that, but this muted berry shade is the perfect balance between bright and neutral. The best part is the scent – it smells like passion fruit.

Long Wear Lip Liner
Shade: Cool Nude

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is such a ridiculously creamy lip liner, and it makes me very happy! When I was browsing in the Joe Fresh section at Shoppers Drug Mart, I was mildly annoyed by the fact that not only could I not swatch the shades of lip liner, but they actually come in a little unicarton box so I couldn’t even see what the pencil looked like. I was basically making my colour selection based off of the shade name which is not ideal. I figured that going with a nude shade was a safe bet. This glides on with ease and creates an incredibly smooth looking edge to your lips. The pencil comes with a little brush on the back that you can use to smudge the product if you are just looking to enhance your natural lip shape. I am keen to try more shades of this lip pencil.

Blush Stick ($10)
Shade: Peach Dream

This was the only product that I had a chance to swatch prior to purchasing (only because some other customer decided to open one of the tubes in the store). I was so impressed with how creamy this blush stick was. I have been into using cream and liquid products this summer instead of powder, so I was really drawn to this. This shade is an incredible peach with a little bit of golden shimmer in it. If you are not a fan of shimmery blush, or have large pores on your cheeks – you may not love this. I draw a little circle on the center of my cheeks and blend with my fingers. The colour looks even and it makes your skin look glowing.

Highlighter Stick
Shade: Pure Glow

Given how creamy the blush stick was, I wanted to pick up a highlight stick as well. I was hoping that this would be a dupe for the Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone ($27). Oddly, the formula was so different than the blush. The product dragged across my skin, rather than glided. It was difficult to blend and I could see a harsh line exactly where the stick had come in contact with my skin. It basically looked chalky on my skin. Out of the four products I tried, this was the only miss.

Final Thoughts

I am so pleased with this mini Joe Fresh haul. I am really looking forward to future launches by the brand and may be picking up other shades of the blush stick and lip liner. I highly recommend these products. They are very affordable and really exceeded my expectations.

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  1. Their packaging has improved so much! It looks super pretty now instead of kind of cheap! I haven’t really tried anything from Joe Fresh but I think these new looks will help entice new customers! I love their cotton pads too. Not the exfoliating ones though (they rip so badly!) but the 100% cotton ones!


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