Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder Review

I never thought that a setting powder could make me this excited.

My current favourite foundation is the Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation ($12). When I saw that there was a loose setting powder from the Fit Me line, I was very keen to test it out. Given that the foundation outperforms some of my favourite high-end products, I was hopeful that this powder would do the same.

Formula + Packaging

The Maybelline Fit Me Mineral Loose Finishing Powder ($12) is mineral-based formula that comes in eight shades ranging from fair to dark. The product promises to control shine and smooth the texture of skin.

All of the Fit Me products come in sleek, square-shaped packaging. The black lid of the powder twists off, and locks securely. I always like to tap loose powder into the lid of the product. Although I do like the look of the square packaging, it made it a little bit awkward to dispense the product as I usually would.

First Impressions

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The first thing I noticed about this powder is that is actually provides you with a little bit of added coverage. I have front bangs, so I never apply foundation of my forehead. I do however powder under my bangs to prevent my hair from looking oily throughout the day. When applied over my bare skin, this powder was able to even out my skin tone.

On the rest of my face, I applied the powder over top of the Fit Me foundation. Together, the foundation and powder left me with a flawless base. It made my skin look matte, but not overly flat or powdery. Your complexion still looks fresh. Once again, the powder helped to add a little bit of coverage. I like this because then I feel like I can apply a thinner layer of foundation and still get the finish I like.

I tried this powder with two different techniques: baking and just setting the entire face with a light layer. I think that I prefer the overall light layer, because it did look a little bit heavy when I used it to bake.

My only issue with this powder is that if you have dry patches, it really clings to that area. Due to the added pigmentation in the powder, it is quite obvious when it clings to problem areas. I have combination skin, and don’t get dry patches frequently, so I’m not overly concerned about this. I imagine that if dryness is a major skin concern for you, you may not get the same flawless results with this powder.

Compared to High End

The loose powder that I currently use on a daily basis is the tried and true, Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($47). This powder is absolutely incredible, but the price point is quite steep.

The first obvious difference between these powders is that the Fit Me has a little bit of coverage, opposed to the Laura Mercier which is translucent. I think that one of the biggest benefits of having a translucent powder is that it will match your skin tone year round; however, at $12, it isn’t the end of the world if you need to purchase a second shade of the Fit Me powder when the seasons change.

In terms of texture, the Laura Mercier does feel slightly silkier, and really gives your skin a smoothed out feeling. It also clings to dry patches a little bit less. The Fit Me does a better job at creating a flawless looking base due to the added coverage it provides. It also kept me looking matte all day long. When I wear the Laura Mercier powder, I always have to retouch my t-zone part way through the day.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this powder. I have yet to try something from the Fit Me line that hasn’t been a hit. I love the fact that this adds a little bit of coverage to my skin. On “no makeup” days, it is perfect to dust over the whole face to help your skin stay matte and to even out your skin tone. The fact that this is so affordable is also incredible because loose powders (that are actually good) typically fall within the $30-$45 range.

Since purchasing this, it hasn’t completely replaced my Laura Mercier powder in my daily routine. I still prefer to use the Laura Mercier under my eyes, because I think that the added pigmentation of the Fit Me powder looks too heavy in this area. On the rest of my face, I have been reaching for the Maybelline Fit Me powder to set everything in place and to help keep me matte throughout the day.


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