Pimple Stickers: Do They Work?

Acne patches that can magically heal your blemishes overnight? Sounds way too good to be true.

These stickers are very common among K-Beauty brands and the fact that so many brands have their own version of the product lead me to believe that they must at least sort of work…right?

About the Product 

I ordered the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch ($12) off Amazon, and it took about a month for them to be delivered to me in Toronto. Each pack comes with 24 stickers is various sizes. The package instructs you to pick the size that fits your blemish best and apply it.

The clear stickers come all on one sheet. I have heard of people actually wearing these out during the day. but I don’t know that I would do that because they are still a little bit shiny and reflective in the light.

The description of the product says, “The Hydrocolloid patches prevent secondary infections and absorb exudate to encourage wound repair process faster.”


The first night I used these, I was experiencing quite the breakout on my face. I stuck a total of seven stickers in various sizes all over my face. Thankfully (well, not really, but for the purpose of this review), I  have all different types of acne so I was really able to see what did and didn’t work. I chose the worst of the bunch to try these out.

When you are peeling off the sticker, be very careful not to touch the back of it. It won’t stick as well to your skin and therefore won’t be as effective. I was pretty worried about these surviving the night on my face because I get very oily when I sleep, but I was pleasantly surprised to see all seven still there in the morning.

The Next Day

When you peel off the sticker, you can see a little bit of residue in the center where all of the gunk from your skin has been sucked out. I found that these are only effective on whiteheads that are ready to pop, or have just been popped. If you put these on small whiteheads, the stickers will completely dry out the spot of make it or easy to pop the next morning.

On my cystic acne, I did not notice a difference in size or appearance. A few days later when one spot I tested it on had risen to surface and become a volcano ready to irrupt, I was able to pop it. That night I tried putting another sticker on it, but it still was not effective.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest strengths of this product is that after you pop a pimple, if you put the sticker on it, it helps to keep bacteria out of the blemish and removes the rest of the sebum from the skin. I think that this product helped to limit the amount of irritation I normally get from re-popping the same spot several times.

That being said, I think that these are only a great product if your acne consists of occasional whiteheads. They were not effective on cystic acne. Also, given that there are only 24 stickers in each pack, I went through them so quickly because my skin is problematic. I have had to be quite conservative when using these patches, otherwise I could easily go through a $12 pack a week. In my opinion, that is not worth it if your skin is constantly breaking out.



  1. I haven’t tried these particular ones but I pretty much agree with your assessment! I also suffer from all sorts of acne! I don’t find they help much with the cystic acne but they are amazing for whiteheads. I like how they suck out all the pus but also protect the pimple from getting dirt or bacteria on it as well.

    The ones I’ve tried are from MaskerAide! You can get a box of 96 for $25!

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  2. I was wondering about products like these because I get the occasional one that pops up (in the most stupidest of places, like my nose) and was wondering if they actually work. Guess I’ll give them a try too…


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