Day-to-Night Makeup So Easy You Can Do It In An Uber

Before a night out, I always like to start with a fresh and cleansed face. Unfortunately, sometimes there isn’t even enough time to stop at home, let alone to dedicate two hours to leisurely getting ready. Just because you are short on time, doesn’t mean you can’t vamp up your makeup for a night time look.

Anytime I know I’m going out and have to leave straight from work, I always pack a small makeup bag that has essential products to turn my natural, everyday makeup into a soft and smokey look. It only takes five minutes and is so easy that I have successfully done it in the back of an uber (more than once).

Step 1

Apply the Base

Even though smokey eyes seem like they require a lot of work, they are actually perfect for when you are short on time because they are allowed to be smudged and messy. I love taking cream eyeshadow with me on the go because the packaging is compact, it is easy to apply and unlike powder products, it can’t break and get all over the inside of your purse (we have all been there). First I take the Revlon ColorStay Creme Eyeshadow ($9) in the shade Espresso, a cool-toned chocolate brown, and swirl my ring finger around in the pot. I pat it all over my eyelid. The warmth of your skin makes it really easy to blend out.

Step 2

Smoke it Out

Next, I use a dense, fluffy brush with a little bit of Espresso on it to blend the product on the lid and to soften up the edges into the crease. You want the lid to have more pigment than the crease to achieve the smokey look. I use the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush. It comes in the Eye Makeup Brush Starter Kit ($20), along with four other brushes. Next, taking a smaller brush, run the product over the bottom lash line, focusing the colour on the outer half of the eye. For this I use the Real Techniques Shading Brush ($8). It is important to use dense, synthetic brushes when working with creme products because it ensures that the application will be smooth and streak-free.

Step 3

A Pop of Metallic

Using a nude, metallic ColorStay eyeshadow called Creme Brulee, pop it into the center of the lid with a clean finger. To help brighten the look, apply this shade in the inner corner of the lower lash line. Side note: I am absolutely obsessed with this shade and have been using it daily as an all-over lid colour when I don’t want to do much to my eyes. When used on its own, it appears almost dewy when it catches the light.

Step 4

Brighten Your Complexion

Blush has the ability to completely brighten your complexion. Rouge your cheeks with a colour that compliments the natural flush of your skin. I love the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush ($35) in the shade Paaarty. Most powder blushes disappear within an hour of applying. This one lasts all night. If you are going out dancing or anywhere where you may get sweaty, this is perfect to use because the Amazonian clay in it minimizes oil around pores.

Step 5

Long-lasting Lips

Pop on a lip colour to finish off your makeup. It is undeniable that people instantly appear more put together the second they throw on a lip. The Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme ($9) in the shade Adorable is my go-to nude liquid lipstick. It dries down quickly and has a lovely cupcake scent. Whether you will be eating dinner, or drinking wine, it will actually last all night. If you are in fact doing this in a moving car, I highly recommend waiting for a red light to do this step.

Step 6

Refresh Your Skin

As a final touch, I like to apply a facial mist. When I have foundation and concealer on for too long, it starts to feel heavy on my skin. The Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spray  ($9) comes in a travel size that fits perfectly in my makeup bag. It dispenses in a soft mist and helps your makeup look less cakey and dry. It feels absolutely incredible and refreshing.


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