An Overnight Skin Fix That Actually Works

I have finally found an overnight acne treatment that actually makes my skin look better in the morning.

I picked up the Lucas’ PaPaw Ointment ($14) off Amazon one night while I was conducting a 3 a.m. investigation in an attempt to find something that would help my cystic acne breakout.

The ointment I stumbled across is a household item in Australia and is basically the Frank’s Red Hot Sauce of cream – you can put that sh*t on everything. It says that the product can be used to heal minor burns, cuts, insect bites, splinters, boils, cysts and more.

If you suffer from hormonal acne, you know that there is no such thing as a quick fix for this type of blemish. In fact, you would be lucky if the zit was completely gone in under two weeks. For regular acne, this is a miracle worker. For cystic acne, it will not completely heal your spot overnight, but it significantly speeds up the amount of time it will stay on your face.


This ointment is made of three very simple ingredients: Carica Papaya which is freshly fermented, a petroleum jelly base and a little bit of Gum Balsam Peru for fragrance. I have seen several debates online about whether or not this product differs from traditional Vaseline. It is argued that the Papaya provides this product with extra healing powers over just regular petroleum jelly.

First Impression

The first night that I applied this, I layered a generous amount onto my breakouts. It has a very thick, heavy consistency. Truthfully, I don’t think I could tolerate the feeling of it on my skin if I wasn’t unconsciousness. When I woke up in the morning, most of the product had absorbed into my skin, but there was still a slippery layer of goop where I had applied the ointment.

When I washed my face, I noticed that some of the huge, under-the-skin lumps that had set up camp along my jaw line for the last month had shrunk in half. All of the regular whiteheads that had been popped recently were gone completely (Don’t judge me for popping my zits – I simply cannot help it). Any other little spots that were in the healing stage appeared smoother, and there was hardly any redness left behind.

Final Thoughts

I think that my favourite part about using this as an acne treatment is that it doesn’t dry out your skin – if anything, it does the opposite. Traditionally treatments like Tea Tree Oil and Benzyl Peroxide leave me with a painful dry spot every time I use them. Ultimately, this results in even more scarring and damage to the area.

I think that overall, this works best as an acne treatment on pimples that have just been popped and are healing. It was also more effective at shrinking cystic acne than most other products I have tried – although it takes about a week of constant use for it to completely go away. That being said, if you have had cystic/hormonal acne you know that that is still extremely fast for that type of acne to go away. Whenever I feel a new pimple coming in, now I apply this to help to prevent inflammation.

Since purchasing this product, I have also used it on cuts and mosquito bites and it was very effective for these uses as well. For the price, and how multi-purpose it is, I think that this is an amazing product to have around the house.



  1. This sounds really interesting! Just out of curiosity, have you ever applied plain petroleum jelly without the added papaya stuff on your face? I’ve had that break me out occasionally, but I’m suspicious that it was a result of a gross old tub of vaseline where fingers have been dipped, rather than the petroleum jelly itself.

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    1. I have actually tried in the past when I had a prescription cream that left my skin raw and burning. It worked well to heal any dry skin, but I normally ended up with tiny pimples surrounding the area that I applied it!

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