Products That Make Your Hair Feel Like You Haven’t Dyed it 42 Times

Once upon a time, there was a girl who decided she was bored with her look. Naturally, to reinvent herself, she turned to the world of hair dye to shake things up a little bit.

One bleach turned into a second, and then a third. She was left with snowy white hair that was beautiful, but it only lasted for two weeks. Suddenly, she realized that she missed her dark hair. She was determined to go back to her natural shade.

She coloured it brown, but it turned green. Then she coloured it darker brown and it turned darker green. Finally, a fairy god mother toned her hair into a marvelous brunette with natural-looking red undertones and she was happy….almost. Her hair felt like straw.

With a lot of trial and error, she finally found products that made her hair feel soft and stopped it from breaking off.


SWZK_Product_Color_Shampoo_New_960x1080I don’t think I have ever really found a shampoo that I love, and this one is no exception to that. I feel like they all kind of do the same thing. That being said, this shampoo makes my hair feel clean without having to use a lot of product, or wash more than once. It has a nice floral scent (at least I think it is floral) that lasts all day. I have front bangs, so they can get oily quite easily – especially now that it is warmer outside. This shampoo leaves them looking fresh all day long.


SWZK_Product_ColorGuard_Conditioner_960x1080My hair has been dyed a lot…as a result, it constantly feels dry and I deal with a lot of breakage. This conditioner is very creamy and thick. It completely coats your hair and you can instantly feel a difference in the texture. Unlike the shampoo, I can say with confidence that I absolutely love this conditioner. This makes my hair feel so silky and gives it a little bit of body. I do use quite a lot of this product because I like to completely drench every strand of hair. Thankfully, this product is affordable so I don’t feel the need to use it sparingly in order to make the bottle last.



I use this product bi-weekly and it leaves my hair feeling absolutely amazing. The day after I use this, it honestly feels like my hair has never been dyed. Some other masks that I have tried leave my hair feeling really weighed down and flat, but that doesn’t happen with this mask. I also really like the VERB Hydrating Mask ($18). Both of these products give me the same result, but this one is obviously much cheaper.


SWZK_Product_ColorGuard_ExpressConditioner_960x1080When I was little, my mother used to use a watermelon scented tangle spray in my hair when I got out of the bath so that it was easier to comb through my hair (without me having a temper tantrum). This is basically an adult version of the product. It has the same floral smell as the shampoo and conditioner. I have thin hair, but a lot of it so my hair is constantly a tangled mess. When I get out of the shower I mist this all over the bottom half of my hair. Using a brush made for wet hair, I can detangle my hair with ease. This product has made a huge difference for me because I normally end up breaking off a lot of hair as I attempt to comb through it. It does not make my hair greasy, but rather it feels softer and smoother than usual.


oua011_ouai_wavespray_1560x1960-udsguThis isn’t necessarily a product that smooths or strengthens damaged hair. Nevertheless, it is a styling product that is a good alternative to using more heat on your hair. If I want to vamp up my natural waves, I always reach for this product. It has a strong perfume scent which you will either love or hate. I like this product because it is light hold and even though it increases the appearance of texture in your hair it doesn’t make it feel crunchy or sticky. I would suggest applying this to your hair when it is almost dry and then scrunching it in your hands. If you spray it in fresh out of the shower, it will just give you serious tangles. I also like to spray this in my hair if I am going to be wearing my hair up in  a bun or pony tail because it gives it a little bit of texture to make it stay easier.

All of the products by Gliss were sent to me for the purpose of review. 


  1. I have the L’Oreal hair mask and absolutely LOVE it!! I also have fine hair like you so I’m excited to test out the other products you have mentioned! xx


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