NARS Liquid Blush is Heaven in a Bottle

Blush is a pretty important part of a beauty routine. The effect is subtle, yet it instantly makes you look alive and healthy.

I think that blush is the most feminine of all makeup products and very underrated. I have a strong belief that everyone should wear more blush.


NARS has always been known for their stunning blushes, but the new formula is to die for. The Liquid Blushes retail for $38 and come in four preexisting shades: Luster (matte golden apricot), Torrid (shimmery warm coral), Dolce Vita (matte dusty rose) and of course the infamous Orgasm (shimmery peachy pink). I got the shade Dolce Vita.


The packaging is of course – in typical NARS fashion – very sleek and luxurious feeling. The bottle is actually quite small, I would compare it to the size of a nail polish. The frosted glass packaging makes it feel heavy. My only complaint about this product is that when you take the lid on and off, the actual pump itself unscrews easily so that is just something to watch for – especially if you keep your products in a makeup bag.


The liquid blush is thin and quite runny. It is sort of like a stain in that it doesn’t feel like there is anything on your skin after you apply it. It just sinks in and leaves behind a beautiful flush of colour.


I’m not going to lie, the first time I tried to apply this on my face it was a disaster. I didn’t fully appreciate just how pigmented the product is, so it showed up way too dark and was difficult to blend out. Now that I have played with it more, I like to apply it by putting a tiny dot on the back of hand. No more than one pump is needed or you will just end up wasting product. I then swirl around the larger end of my beauty blender in the product and dab it on the apples of my cheeks, working backwards towards my hairline. You have to work quite quickly with this product to ensure even application if you are using a beauty blender.

This product also blends really nicely just with your fingers, but because I got a darker shade (and am quite pale) I like that the beauty sponge sheers it out a tiny bit. I usually find that most blushes vanish from my skin within a few hours of application. This blush is so long lasting it is ridiculous.

I have tried this over top of bb cream and foundation and while both look nice, I think that I definitely prefer it with a natural makeup look. It blends into the skin so seamlessly, but has such rich pigmentation so it gives your cheeks a natural rosy flush.



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