I Used a Facial Loofah and This is What Happened

I really wanted it to work. 

I am a weirdly passionate about loofahs. I don’t feel clean unless I use one. I started using loofahs in high school when my chest and back developed a less than beautiful breakout of acne. I was very active, spending hours in a dance studio daily, so I’m certain that the cause was that I wasn’t successfully getting all of the bacteria off of the body with just my hands.

When I saw that the Body Shop had Smooth & Renew Exfoliating Facial Loofah Pads ($8) I was so excited to try them. Normally if I get a deep pimple on my back (hot, I know) when I use a loofah on it, it disappears in a day or two. I thought that this would be amazing to use on my face to help get a really deep clean.

You get three loofah pads in each pack, and they are a small circular shape. One side is very coarse and the other is slightly more smooth. I opted to use the softer of the two sides, but it was still very rough. Treating it as you would a loofah for your body, I soaked it well with water, put my face wash on it and gently rubbed it in circular motions across my face. I am not even going to pretend for one second that this was not painful. I hardly applied any pressure when using it and my face was tomato red in seconds.

Despite the discomfort I experienced using this, my skin felt very soft to touch. I used a heavy moisturizer afterward to soothe my face.

Several days later, I used it again – this time letting it soak for a few minutes before applying it on my face. I was experiencing a bit of a breakout, so I hoped that this would be a quick fix like body loofahs usually are for me. It was a little bit more comfortable on my skin, but it still felt like little scratches.

The next morning my skin was so much worse than the night before. All of my acne was extremely inflamed, and on top of that new pimples were popping up. I realized that my skin was doing well before the first time that I used the loofah pad and that my skin only broke out after using them. All these pads did was irritate my skin.

I’m going to hold onto these and keep them for when I travel to use on my body. Obviously the skin on your face is much more sensitive so I’m not worried about it causing any breakouts on my body; however, these will never touch my face again.



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