How To Tell If Your Makeup Is Expired

Throwing out makeup that has gone bad can be difficult – especially when it isn’t anywhere close to being empty. All good things must come to an end…
It can also be difficult because some products are harder than others to identify when they have gone bad. The reality is that it can be really harmful to your skin and eyes to keep using products after they expire. Here are some tell-tale signs that you should be tossing old makeup items.


3-4 Months

Mascara is probably the easiest product to tell if it has gone bad. It will smell like a straight up gas station when you open it, and the product will usually be a lot more chunky and dry than when you first purchased it.

3-4 Months

Liquid eyeliner normally dries out before it goes bad, but if it gets chunky that is also a sign it should hit the garbage. As with mascara, it may develop an off smell. If your eyes are getting itchy after you apply your makeup, this could also be a sign that something just quite isn’t right anymore.

Blush & Eyeshadow
2 Years 

Powder products like blush and eyeshadow tend to last longer because they are a dry product. To extend their longevity, clean your brushes frequently and try not to store your makeup in the bathroom. The damp conditions can lead to more bacteria growth.

6 Months – 1 Year

Foundation can last up to a year as long as it has a pump. If it has a spatula applicator that you wipe on your face, or even the back of your hand, it will go bad quicker. Normally when a foundation is expired it will start to separate into layers, where there is a thin liquid that sits on top of a thick, darker layer.

6 Months – 1 Year

While concealer lasts about the same amount of time as foundation, there is an extra factor to consider. The applicator of concealer is often built into the product. You dip it into the tube and put it directly on your face (and blemishes) which means it comes in direct contact with bacteria more frequently. Thankfully, concealer tubes are small enough that you normally go through the product before it goes bad.
TIP: If you have a lot of acne, pick up a makeup mixing palette that you can clean daily. Instead of applying concealer straight from the tube to your face, put it on the palette and then apply with a brush. This prevents you from just spreading around the bacteria from one pore to the next. 

2 Years

It is time to throw out your lipstick when you notice that it has dried out. This will normally take about 2 years as long as you make sure to store it properly (aka avoid leaving it in your hot car during the summer). As pretty as the colour may be, it isn’t worth keeping if the smooth texture has diminished. Lip gloss however normally only lasts around a year and will get really thick and sticky when it has gone bad.


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