Forever 21 Skincare Test: Baroness Cucumber Mask Review

I was recently in Forever 21 and noticed that they have started selling some affordable K-Beauty products. I was drawn to the Baroness Cucumber Mask because I am obsessed with skincare. Even though technically this is not a Forever 21 brand, I was still a little bit scared. I am a strong believer that products don’t need to be $40 to work well…but it is still Forever 21.


In one pack ($8), you get five individual sheet masks. On the front of the packaging, it says that the mask helps your skin to be elastic and to look younger. The back promises to hydrate the skin as well as reduce acne and inflammation. I was more attracted to the claims on the back because I am currently experiencing a stress induced breakout thanks to final exams.

After cleansing and drying my skin, I applied the mask and left it on for about 25 minutes (a little bit longer than recommended). The product was very concentrated in the mask and had a faint cucumber scent, which I personally enjoy. Once the mask was applied, I noticed it felt cool and refreshing. I think that if you were to leave these masks in the fridge it would be good to de-puff and soothe the skin first thing in the morning.


Final Thoughts
The day after applying, my skin looked fresh and my pimples had reduced in size. Even scarring from old breakouts appeared to be lighter. As the skeptical person I am, I was reluctant to credit the improvement of my skin to this mask without giving it a second go. I waited a few days and used it again. I am so pleased with this product. My skin feels fresh and glowy after I use it. I am surprised at how well this works and it is only about $1.60 for each mask, which is compared to the standard $10-20 price range you would find at Sephora.

Overall  I would recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin, or an acne breakout that needs some TLC.


  1. I tried this particular mask before. I don’t remember loving it as much as you did, but that’s since I only gave it one shot. I should probably give it another try 🙂


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