Why I Love Eating At Restaurants Alone 

Table for one please – and no, I’m not waiting for anyone. 

The prospect of this is fairly daunting to a lot of people. In fact, I used to be very worried that people would judge me. There is a perception that eating by yourself is a direct reflection of a lonely life.

Well, I am not single and I have friends (only like two, but whatever they still exist). I just like being alone.

It is rather odd because this viewpoint on eating alone is reserved only for public outings. It is normal to cook dinner alone and eat it on your sofa, but when others can see you it becomes unusual behaviour.

Eating out alone is a great time to ponder and plan. There aren’t distractions like Neflix to help you avoid being productive. I always like to bring my notebook and day planner with me. I compile lists of to-dos, to-buys and ideas for creative projects. I make specific plans of how I will accomplish my goals and balance my life. It is important for me to write things down, it helps me to reflect on what I need to change to keep growing.

I also strongly recommend drinking a glass of wine over dinner, because why not? That being said, the last time I did this the waitress asked me, “Honey, is everything okay?”

I asked for more water.

“Of course dear, but are you okay?”

What the hell. I realized that she thought I had been stood up on a date.

She gave me the wine on the house.

Admittedly, I am a fairly introverted person. I get exhausted easily when I socialize. Small talk is challenging for me.

There is something very satisfying about eating a meal and not having to talk through it. This is why I appreciate friendships with comfortable silences as well. There is warmth in comfortable silences.

Eating alone is almost like a sense of meditation because it allows you to connect with yourself. Also, actually mediating is f*cking hard and doesn’t involve food – so which is better?