How to Wrap Instagram-Worthy Gifts

Ahhhh December 24, the international day of, “Don’t come into the basement, I’m wrapping your present.” I have always been keen on trying to wrap cute gifts. I am a strong believer that there must be presentation in the present. Here are some ideas for Instagram-worthy wrapping, that are extremely affordable.


Everything used in this post is from the Dollar Store and was under $2. The total cost for everything was $10. It isn’t worth spending a lot of money on wrapping paper since it will go in the garbage five seconds after the gift is opened. You’ll need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Twine
  • Decorative ornaments
  • Garland


Grab your paper. This minimalistic white paper looks sleek and elegant.


Tip: To make your gift look like it was professionally wrapped, fold the edges of the paper under before you tape it down. After you wrap the whole gift, run your fingers over the edges of the gift to give it a crisp, squared-off effect.


Twine gives the gift a vintage feel. You probably have it at your house already. Wrap the string around the front of the gift, flip it over and when the twine meets in the middle, twist it. Then you wrap it horizontally and flip it back over to the front.


Little decorations like ornaments are a really easy way to make the gift look a little bit more special. Simply string to the twine through the loop and tie in a knot. These gold ornaments came in a set of four.


Wrap the string around the gift again and finish it off with a bow.


If you want to go full-on Martha Stewart on your family and friends, get yourself some fake garland and cut off three pieces.


At the base of the pieces, twist them together. They are made with wire so it will stay attached.


Secure to the gift by tying a double knot at the bottom of the bundle.


Add decorations like fake pine cones around the strings and tie (yet another knot) to secure in place. These ones came in a pack of ornaments that also included candy canes and bells. The bells also look really nice with the garland, and the candy canes work well for small gifts.


Happy holidays everyone. Get ya elf on.

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