6 Things to Makeover Your Workspace

The first week of school has come and gone. The worry of finding the perfect outfit for my return to campus was the only thing I was truly concerned with before I came back to school. After adding all of my deadlines into my day planner, I realized something: I am going to be chained to my desk this semester. In order to make my studying more productive, I require the right kind of space. Here are the best items, that will instantly give any desk space a face lift.


Milo Storage Lamp ($79) – This lamp fits perfectly in the corner of a desk. The design is sleek and minimal (my fave) and even has a small compartment built in for storing pens, highlighters, and scissors. This saves tabletop space that is valuable real-estate when attempting to right essays.

Faux Fur Cushion Cover ($20) – Sitting at a desk for hours on end is a pain in the ass (figuratively and literally). Make your work space more cozy and comfy with a cushion to either sit or lean against.

Scented Candle ($7) – I have a huge fear of burning my house down when I have a candle lit. I’m not sure if that is the result of the videos played in elementary school of little Johnny playing with matches in his room and nearly murdering his whole family. Either way, if a candle is lit – I refuse to leave the room. This is a good tactic to prevent me from wandering away from my desk.

Spiral Notebook ($15) – Great work starts with great notes. I love to plan out essays and assignments, figuring out how I am going to structure it before I even open my laptop. It streamlines my thoughts when I am writing my assignment and helps me to avoid going off on tangents in order to meet word count.

Fejka Artificial Plant ($6) – I have quite a few of these spread out through my apartment. Essentially everything I own is neutral colours, so plants help to add some brightness to the room. I love having (fake) plants around because I find that they make the space seem more lively and I don’t have to worry about watering them. Place one of these on top of that stack of textbooks you never use. (Check out this super cheap pot to put your new plant friend in!)

Marc John’s Mug ($15) “Everything’s going to be super duper” is just the kind of motivational words you need in your life when it is 3:47 a.m., you are consuming your 8th cup of coffee and have to still write 1372 more words before the next morning. Enough said.

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