What Eyelash Extensions are Really Like

Okay, so I am very late with the whole eyelash extension trend. In my defence, when they started popping up everywhere three years ago, I was a wee child still in high school so giving up money on such a thing wasn’t practical. Also, even though a lot of people in the public eye have them, the amount of irl humans I have met with them isn’t that abundant.

My desire – nay, need – to get eyelash extensions began a few weeks ago when I started a new job and one of the girls that was training me had the most gorgeous lashes. As she was giving me the ins and outs of my new job, I was constantly zoning out staring at her eyelashes. It was practically like a 11-year-old boy (me) gazing down the training bra of the girl in his history class (her). When I finally inquired about them, she told me they were extensions. I was intrigued. I’m the type of person where when I become fixated on something, I need to have it immediately. I booked my appointment that night.

I got my lashes done at Aroma Beauty Lounge in Toronto. The process was fairly relaxing, though initially my eyes fluttered a lot in response to metal objects coming so close to them. I opted to get a natural looking set for my first experience just incase I absolutely hated the feeling of them. Mine are 12mm and cost $80. Two-hours after laying down in the private spa room, I looked in the mirror and actually had eyelashes for the first time in my life.

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If you ask the average girl what beauty product she cannot live without, she will answer mascara. It makes your eyes appear larger, and adds some darkness around the eyes which helps with dimension to the face. For me, I would never answer this before, because my eyelashes were so short that even with copious amounts of mascara, they still just stuck out straight. Instead, I have always worn a signature winged liner to create the illusion that I don’t have tiny little eyeballs. I can happily say that my eyelash extensions make my eyes appear larger and darker.

I am not going to be one of the people who say that they got eyelash extensions for convenience purposes so that they are always ready to go in the morning. Those people are liars. I got eyelash extensions so I can feel cute 24/7. I find myself doing Bambi-like flutters with my eyes here and there. At the check-out boy in the grocery store, to customers at work, to squirrels in the park…everyone. Eyelash extensions are like a pushup bra for your face (as are “eyes the nipples to the face”).

I am not wearing any eye makeup in this photo.

There are however, some less than ideal things that come with eyelash extensions. Firstly, washing your face is a biotch. Oil-based products break down the glue so you have to be extremely careful with what you are putting on your face. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water ($8.99) has become my new favourite product to make sure that I am still getting all the makeup off from around my eyes, without damaging the eyelashes. Your hands also produce a lot of oils so you as much as you want to touch them, it isn’t a good idea or they won’t last as long. The other weird thing is that when your face gets wet, the water sort of feels like it is going into your eyes. We have eyelashes for the purpose of eye protection, so when you glue a foreign object to them, it gets in the way of them doing their job as a barrier between your eyes and the outside world.

For general maintenance, I comb my eyelashes with a clean spooley brush both morning and at night. I was given one at the end of my application appointment. As with real eyelashes, they do slowly begin to fall out one-by-one. Strategic combing can help to conceal any patchy areas, or oil-free mascara can be applied in those areas. With good maintenance, eyelash extensions can last up to a month before they will require a filler to touch up some of the spotty areas.

I fooled around and fell in love, I really did. In such a sort time frame, I can no longer picture my life without little bits of hair glued to my face. They truly are addictive. For now, I’m just going to try to baby the crap out of them so that I can make them last as long as possible because although it is a beautiful look, it isn’t a cheap one.

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