10 Things to Stop Doing to Your Skin

I have a very extensive skincare history – frankly, I am obsessed. Throughout high school, I had more than your average pimple or two. I was put on topical medications and oral pills to try to keep my skin under control. Although my days of teenage acne are behind me, the careful regiment that I had to develop really helped me to understand how to keep my skin looking its best.

During the summertime especially, a lot of damage can happen to your skin. Drinking, sun exposure, and late nights are more frequent than in any other season of the year. I can proudly say that I am at a point where I go in public without makeup on (A day I never thought would come). Here are 10 things to stop doing so you can get your skin to glow again.

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  1. Going to sleep with makeup on. Nights spent partying and staying out late with your friends often mean getting home, literally ripping your clothes off, and passing out ASAP. Even if you don’t manage to do your full night time regime, at the very least get yourself a micellar water that you can put on a cotton pad and wipe most of it off.
  2. Skipping out on sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a burn, sun damage doesn’t see race. It also doesn’t show up overnight. Wrinkles, sunspots, and skin cancer can all arise from neglecting to protect your skin. Short term effects include dryness and peeling – nothing screams sexy like having a layer of your cheek hanging off.
  3. Neglecting your makeup brushes. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes or your beauty blender? Yeah…that is right…you should be grossed out. Old makeup caught in brushes is a breeding ground for bacteria, and then you put that on your face. No wonder you have pimples!
  4. Popping your zits. I am the queen of popping zits. Is that disgusting? Yes, but that is not the point. The point is that we all know how satisfying it is to poke at our blemishes but most of the time you walk away with your skin WAY more irritated than it was before. Throw some benzoyl peroxide on it to help speed up the heeling process, but leave it alone and it will be less likely to leave a permanent scar.
  5. Not using eye cream. Eye cream is often perceived to be a product for older women, but the time is now to start using it. It helps to reduce the look of bags under your eyes, will create a smoother makeup application, and will help to prevent wrinkles when you get older.
  6. Going outside without sunglasses. Speaking of wrinkles, you know how when you go out in the sun without sunnies on you are constantly squinting? That is going to promote early development of crow’s feet and those little lines in-between your brows.
  7. Not getting enough sleep. Summer is social season, so as mentioned before it is harder to get a full nights rest. Try to fit in an extra hour of sleep on nights you are home alone by shutting off your laptop early. You may be sacrificing one more episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but at least you will be better rested in the morning. Your skin needs sleep!
  8. Using products that aren’t right for your skin type. It is so critical to gain a deep understanding of what type of skin you have, and how your skin reacts to different environmental factors. For example, I have oily skin and I always used to use light weight moisturizers because I thought that was what my skin needed. Turns out that because my skin was lacking moisture it was overproducing oils in attempt to compensate.
  9. Overusing Products. The more skin struggles that arise, the more products we start to apply to our faces. In reality, this can cause more issues than it can fix. Sometimes taking a step back and using a more basic regime including a gentle wash, toner, and a cream could be better than all of the lotions and potions that you have in your bathroom.
  10. Drinking too much. Yes it is patio season, but alcohol is really hard on your skin. We all know this. It not only dehydrates you, but also contains a lot of sugar, which can become problematic when it is being consumed in large amounts. If you don’t want to cut back how much you are drinking, at least try to balance it with more water.

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