Magnetic eyelashes are here to save you from gluing your eye shut…(again)

You just spent almost an hour applying your makeup, getting ready for a night out with your girls. Your eyebrows are perfectly arched, your liner could cut a bitch, and your highlight is blinding. It is time for the final step – falsies. You get as close to the mirror as possible, and try to pop them on as gracefully as you saw in that one YouTube tutorial, but it never is smooth sailing is it? Let the stress begin…Wobbling lashes, uncooperative corners, and the possibility of blinding yourself is all just a part of the process.


If any of this sounds familiar to you, there is finally a product that will save you from your wispy woes. One Two Lash is a new company, by creator Katy Stotka, that uses magnets to easily pop on lashes in seconds. There are two parts to each lash. One half goes above your natural eyelashes, and the other below – basically an eyelash sandwich.  There are currently four different styles available for pre-order ranging from natural to full glam. Each set is $59, but they are said to last longer than reusable glue-on lashes, which can experience wear and tear quite easily.

Seems pretty dreamy to me! Comment down below if you would ever try these, or if you are content with your classic glue-ons.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


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