Now you can try on lipstick anywhere with ModiFace + Facebook Messenger

Shopping for lipstick is a very personal experience. It partly includes the fun of playing dress up, but is also mixed with the fear of being seen looking like a tropical fish. You either leave content and ready to make a purchase, or scrambling to rub the colour off your face without anyone seeing (And don’t even get me started on trying to casually smile at yourself in the mirror to check how yellow your teeth look).

Once again, the world wide web can be thanked for doing everyone a favour by providing another way to satisfy late-night urges to shop, without having to leave your home. ModiFace, an augmented reality technology company has come out with a new online beauty bar through Facebook Messenger. It allows you to try on up to 900 shades of lipstick, based on searches for different brands and colours.

Go to the ModiFace Facebook page, and slide into it’s DM’s with a quick hello. You immediately receive a response asking about your favourite brands or the colour you are looking for. Try on the shades suggested by the bot by sending a front-facing selfie. If you like the shade, you have the option to buy it directly from retailers like Sephora.

I spent a little too long messaging ModiFace because it made me feel like I was playing the Barbie Superstar Makeover game that I was obsessed with as a child. You know the one…


One of the things that I would stress is that it is important that the photo that you use is fully facing the front (Unlike mine…oops). The outline of the lips will look a lot more realistic if you do it that way. The other thing I would suggest when purchasing any lipsticks online is that you go with a brand that you are familiar with. You are probably going to be happiest if you choose from a brand that you already know and love.



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