Why you should be getting dry haircuts


I wanted to make a drastic change to my image in my first year of university, after I was left upset from boy troubles. Naturally, I decided I should cut half of my hair off. I marched into the salon with the confidence of Kanye West, convinced that I was making an amazing decision. When I left, I took an obscene amount of selfies to document my new look. The next day when I showered and my hair had dried, that invincible feeling I had after my appointment vanished when I realize that I had a mullet. Yes, a mullet.

The problem wasn’t that haircut itself was terrible, but rather my wavy hair made the lengths sit much differently than they had in the salon when it was wet and combed straight. I don’t like to apply any heat to my hair, let alone have to blow-dry, straighten, dampen, curl, blow-dry again, and then use half a can of hairspray to make me look presentable for class.

Dry hair cuts are the latest trend for low maintenance hair to ensure that the cut compliments your natural locks, and you don’t end up with a scary haircut.

Unlike the conventional route where your hairdresser will wash, cut, dry and style – cutting the hair dry allows for the stylist to see what your hair is actually going to look like it its natural state and cut accordingly. This is especially beneficial if you hair has a lot of texture like curls or waves.

Arrive at your appointment with clean hair, in the state that you wear it on a day to day basis. Cutting the hair dry takes a lot less time in the chair, and can therefore save you some money in the process too.

With dry hair you can see split ends much easier, helping to gauge how much you need to take off. The hair is also less elastic meaning it reflects the true length of your hair with its texture. The best part? It allows you to be a lot more vocal about what you want because you can actually see what the outcome will look like – meaning you may just save yourself from accidentally getting a mullet.

One Comment

  1. Having a bad cut has always been a nightmare of mine! I usually cut my own. Even when I decided to go with the “Tinkerbell” look, I cut it myself. I’d cry if I got a mullet! Teehee. 🙂


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